Precious Stones – Diamonds

Internationally, diamond is the most important of all gemstones, with transparency, rarity and hardness of 10 according to the MOHS HARDNESS SCALE scale.

He is the king of gems.

The formation is made of carbon in the earth’s crust with a specific temperature and pressure, then cooling at a specified time and thus the crystal is created. Similar conditions are created in a volcanic eruption.

The reaction is 2Fec + CO2 = 2FEO + S2 + C ⇒ DIAMOND

4Cs are what determine the quality of a diamond and therefore its price.

  1. C Color = Color
  2. C Clarity = How many inclusions does it have
  3. C Cut = Cut (Round, Emerald, Princess Cut etc.)
  4. C Carat = Weight in carats (5 Carat = 1gr)

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